Homemade Spacecraft
Video from a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space. Visit brooklynspaceprogram.org to support the team.
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30 gifts to 30 strangers in Sydney
Here goes the story: Hello! My name is Lucas and I’m Brazilian. Since I arrived in Australia a lot of beautiful things happened in my life, so on the day I turned 30 I decided to celebrate in a special way, being grateful to the people of Sydney. Thank you so much to all my friends who helped make this happen, without you it would not have been possible. And thank you to everyone who lives in Australia, making this country such a wonderful place. A big hug, Lucas.
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History of the iPhone
From CNET UK: The iPhone might be at the cutting edge of technology but it took a long time and many innovations to get there, take a trip through history and explore the people and technology that contributed to the iPhone becoming what it is today.
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Rear Window Timelapse
All footage taken from the original Rear Window (1954) directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The order of events is pretty much as seen in the movie. more info: jeffdesom.com/hitch/
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Little Quentin
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Very emotional short movie that shows us, in only 10 minutes, the brutality and absurdity of any war on our planet. One of the music composers is Stribor Kustirica the son of the famous film maker Emir Kusturica.  
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Eva Nextdoor
This is a shortfilm documentary about Eva, a young french girl who lives in Paris. She does some casual jobs, cleaning mainly. Direction, story, shoot, DOP, edit, color grade, audio mix, sound design by Kendy. Music Plastik Joy – 63 (she was trying to sleep, i was trying to breathe) Blackfilm/Walk with me With Marion Servole Damian McCall Mathieu Staub Mélanie Zadeh David Dang Kevyn Diana That project has been done in 5 days, shooting and post production included. That shortfilm documentary is a part of the “Monsters Collective”, an association of 12 directors from several different countries. It has been screened at the Festival International Du Film de Genre at Paris/France. It will be screened in several upcoming festivals with the other shortfilms of the collective soon.
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