Alaska Wakeboarding
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Second Wind
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The Power of X
This is the typical effect of the old fashion toy called kaleidoscope. In this movie the humans are used to create strange patterns.
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The Mirror
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Humpback Whale Freed From Nets
This Humpback whale was freed from the huge fish. This group of people after one hour of struggling  succeed to cut all nylon net around the whale. The most beautiful thing came after, when the whale showed the appreciation in the opened see…enjoy.
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Wig from my own hair prank
The idea: Step 1: Cut off my long hair of three years Step 2: hot glue it into a wig (yes, slightly serial killerish, but wait..) Step 3: Wear that wig, my friends thinking it’s my hair Step 4: Pull it off suddenly and presto, friend freakouts
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I Need Nothing
Repositories of stories and its enriching emotions, the covers, that accomodate the existing panoply of musical genres, are the motto for this exibition. The focus is made on album covers that often conquer our memory even when music slightly reached our ears. Major graphic disasters or deified, unduly ignored or zeitgeists, covers provide listening with a touch and an image, with the act of collection and share. From cover to cover, going thru all the stories (and histories), we wrote a new one to the sound of a song that repeats: I need nothing, I’ve everything I need.
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