The X Factor UK 2012
Watch as Lucy Spraggan gets everyone laughing with a self-penned ode to alcohol titled Last Night… Lucy’s bonkers about booze and likes to wax lyrical about going out on the lash. Watch as Lucy sings a comical ditty she wrote herself about the pitfalls of partying. Also — Shock! Horror! Mel B actually LOVED it.
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What Happened?
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Joe Goes To VIDCON
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Wig from my own hair prank
The idea: Step 1: Cut off my long hair of three years Step 2: hot glue it into a wig (yes, slightly serial killerish, but wait..) Step 3: Wear that wig, my friends thinking it’s my hair Step 4: Pull it off suddenly and presto, friend freakouts
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Old Man Prank
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Extreme moonwalk
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“Call Me Gaybe” Funny version
All respect to Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders video but this one is very funny.
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Nina Conti show
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Seductive Motion
Talk about mixed signals. When this gorgeous model uses motion-control technology, her Samsung Smart TV isn’t the only thing that reacts. Visit the Samsung Televisions’ Facebook page for more:
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Movie: The Movie
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