Teahupoo 2013
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PSP Dallas Open 2013
PSP Dallas Open 2013 was a huge success!! Tons of paintball and professional action! HK Army came out swinging with it being HKs first event as a Master Sponsor AND our flagship Pro Team San Diego Dynasty took home the gold by becoming Champions of the event!
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Glacier Bike Downhill Saas Fee 2012
Great downhill from Saas Fee (Switzerland). Raw, uncuted helmetcam video of race run, with orignial sound. 10th place out of 139 racers. Average speed 68kmh, topspeed 124.9kmh Rider: Andreas Tschanz  
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Alaska Wakeboarding
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The Art of Skiing
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Albee Layer – $100,000 Innersection winning edit
Here is Albee Layer’s final winning edit from Taylor Steele’s 2012 Innersection video contest. It was filmed & directed by Elliot Leboe of ACL Digital Cinema. For more info on the contest check out innersection.tv. So thankful to all who voted for Albee’s part, and a big MAHALO to Taylor Steele & Nathan Myers for putting on this contest. Aloha. Other filmers who contributed clips to this edit are: Dan Norkunas, Dylan Mc Neil, Jace Panebianco, Chris Thompson & Justin Clark. Source:VIMEO
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Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner: Conquering K2
In 2011, mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner became the first woman to summit all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen by completing a daring climb of K2.
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Riders: Patrick Rebstock & Ian Allredge Location: Ventura, Mojave, Pismo, Oregon, San Diego, Mexico, Santa Barbara, Ledbetter, Belmont, SealBeach Enjoy!
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BROstock 2011: The Main Show!
Teaser video BROstock 2011: The Main Show!
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