Longway North
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Seductive Motion
Talk about mixed signals. When this gorgeous model uses motion-control technology, her Samsung Smart TV isn’t the only thing that reacts. Visit the Samsung Televisions’ Facebook page for more: http://on.fb.me/JfnS7S
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Grandma Skydiving Gone Wrong
The elderly lady, whose name is Laverne from California wanted to skydive as her last wish.But she was very reluctant to jump from the plane. Her tandem co-diver Steve made sure that her last wish will be fulfilled by making 125mph parachute dive. Due to her fear Laverne was caught in awkward position but thankfully the landing was safe and Granny got her last wish fulfilled.
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Truth in 24 II – Every Second Counts
he Le Mans 24 Hours are a legend. They are mentioned in the same breath as the Rallye Monte Carlo, the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500. Since 1923, hundreds of thousands of motorsport enthusiasts have been flocking to La Sarthe year by year to experience the one-day race. To watch the protagonists in their sports cars battle for each place and each meter of tarmac with bated breath. The drivers cover 4,800 kilometers in 24 hours – almost as many as the Formula One racers in a whole year. Every Le Mans winner has gone down in history. The three Audi drivers Andre Lotterer, Benoít Trluyer and Marcel Fussler did so in a special way with the triumph they achieved in 2011. The film TRUTH IN 24 II documents the tenth and arguably most emotional triumph of the brand with the four rings at this sports car classic. After two Audi R18 TDI cars have retired following spectacular accidents, the remaining Audi fights a dramatic battle for overall victory with the three Peugeot 908 cars ? which the Audi trio ultimately decides in its favor with a narrow margin of 13 seconds. The film captures the entire drama […]
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Wingsuit Man lands – no parachute!
From Sky news feed: Gary Connery: stuntman completes 2400ft skydive without a parachute.
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Introducing the Leap
Leap represents an entirely new way to interact with your computers. It’s more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. For the first time, you can control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements.
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Movie: The Movie
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Odezenne – Dedans
It’s the story of a marketing revelation: a pyramid-single-hole-multi-use. Direction and Design: Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka Animation: Laurent Box & Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka Music and sound design: Odezenne Song extract from the album O.V.N.I _Edition Louis XIV
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